This special vehicle shares its name with the strongest nuclear powered icebreaker at the world. It also shares few parameters - for example in element its own it can get to the places, where you can get only with the helicopter.

At the first sight, you could tell it is Trekol. Opposite is truth - this car was built by JSC "Yamalspetsmash" Company. As much as Trekol, also Yamal uses special tires with ultra-low pressure to the surfacte, which allows to the vehicle to drive trough snow or any powdery surface of any depth, but also to float As a basement of the vehicle, UAZ 3163 Patriot was used. It was equipped with ZMZ 2.7 16V engine, which is homologated for UAZ vehicles at Czech republic as well. Vehicle under Yamal H4 name joins reliability and comfort which UAZ Patriot offers to its crew  together with unbeliveable terrain passability of the Trekol.

When JSC manufactured this vehicle, the company was led by logical point of view. At Russia, there is many manufacturers of floating vehicles. Most of them is however not suitable for normal use, because of its brutal look and absence of any luxury equipment. Such a floating vehicles can be used only by people, who lives at outlying areas of the Russia and do not ask for too much comfort, or simply just for working purposes. Until now there was no floating vehicle, which would offer nice look and comfort equipment, which would allow you to use it for the whole year, not just at winter season as a special machine. Yamal H4 offers everything, that is offered by ordinary UAZ Patriot. Therefore it can be ordered with power windows, power mirrors, double heater, heated seats, 9 seats, turbodiesel engine, or even with air conditioner. You will perhaps not use air conditioning at snow storm, environment which Yamal can beat anytime, but at summer drive at the lake-level it will fit.


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