Valdaj 7,5 t 4x4 truck

In 2011, new special vehicle entered the European market. It is car like no other, which do not know any competitor. Here it comes, the new Valdaj 4x4! Truck with total mass of 7.5 tons was developed from 3307 model, 10.5 ton truck. 3307 chassis was not equipped just with modern cabin from GAZelle, but mainly of two driven solid axles! The drive of the rear axle is permanent with possibility of differential lock, the front one is detachable. Valdaj 4x4 is offered with Iveco F1C engine line, both 107 and 125 kW. Turbodiesel with low pollution and fuel consumption levels offers 370 or 400 Nm.

GAZ Valdaj in 4x4 version is truck for everybody, who need all-terrain truck with insistence especially to offroad skills, dimensionality, but who do not have resources for overpriced offer of producers from the west.


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