UAZ information

UAZ offroad vehicles became famous at the market of Czech Republic mainly because of historical reasons. Everybody, who passed trough compulsory military service remembers UAZ as “undestroyable Russian steel.” Not everything changes to worse – UAZ manufacturing plant still manufactures traditional Russian offroad vehicles, which still exceeds in simplicity and unique offroad capabilities.
Even the common conservativeness classic in 4x4 vehicles branch, Uljanovsk Automobilny Zavod was able to do complete modernization of complete production line of its offroad vehicles. Changes were however not bustling, engineers joined the best of military original – robustness and passability, with modern look and equipments. 

UAZ still seeks advantages of solid chassis, however it was widened and stiffened for even bigger sturdiness of whole car. New UAZ still proudly keeps conception of both front and rear solid axles, lengthwise oriented engine, reduction gearbox availability and two petrol tanks!
There are two engines available. Art of state ZMZ-51432 CRS turbodiesel engine dispose of fantastic low fuel consumption and torque placed in very low RPM. For those who did not get crazy of “turbodiesel madness” UAZ still offers gasoline powered power plant. Low-RPM sixteen valves four cylinder engines ZMZ are here for all those, who want to get costs of fuel even lower! After disassembling of one of the petrol tanks located in vehicle doorsills there is lot of space for assembling compressed gas (LPG / LNG / CNG) tank instead! Your new bi-power vehicle will not loose space in trunk, neither will lost the full size spare tire!


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