UAZ 452 passenger

As well as in case of UAZ 469, also so called “Buchanka” or UAZ-452 is faithful to the slogan “Why invent the new things, when the old ones work well.” The need of reaching the end of the road is still the same, and if it works already, why to change well-tried concept?

Exactly in this spirit plant in Uljanovsk continues in production of well known “Buchanka”, not just in VAN version, but also in single or double cabin with utility platforms! And because in Russia legislative requirements advanced as well, classic Russian ambulance received many improvements. 


UAZ 452 is today made under 220695 marking in version Minibus. It is completely modernized vehicle. Buchanka received ZMZ 2.7 16V EURO4 engine, well known from Patriot model, improved brake systems, improved heater and steering system. In interior, as well as at exterior, only very few changes happened. Vehicle still keeps the look of retro van. If you have utilization for 1000 kg payload, 4x4 drive with reduction gears, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. We offer also conversions to offroad mobile home / caravan, or expeditionary vehicle.

For conversions is very good sanitary version UAZ-3962.



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