Each branch of industry is specific in its demand for technology and machinery. No matter if you mean manufacturing lines, robots or mobile machinery and vehicles, almost in all cases small-lot production is concerned. Mainly because Czechoslovakia was the member of Eastern bloc, most of the machinery in our country originates from Soviet Union or other countries of Eastern bloc. The same way as rising living standard brought bankruptcy of many manufacturers in Czech Republic, in all other countries of Eastern bloc situation was the same. Even in Russia, many factories which did not have customers bankrupted, but thanks to extremely large internal market many of them survived.


We provide the support for all companies or persons, who use technology and machinery from Russia. If you are helpless about repairs, spare parts or replacement of your current machinery from East, contact us! Also if you plan to equip your company with expensive or special technology, ask us first, what are the possibilities in Russia! In absolute most of applications there is always affordably price alternative from East, which on the top of it did not yield to “material saving era”, and for your money you will get solid piece of metal, which will serve reliably even without expensive maintenance, secured how else then Western company.

Thanks to more then 20 years of experience in purchasing and homologation of vehicles and machines from Eastern bloc countries we will find the proper equipment for you.


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