UAZ 2363 Pickup AMC

UAZ waited very long time with introduction of their Double Cab pickup model. First news were announced in 2005, however final form of the vehicle was introduced as far as 2009. Since the introduction car quickly got huge popularity because of its hugeness and massiveness. Such a huge pickup was missing at the market. 2363 Pickup vehicle is based on Patriot model. In contrast to it, Pickup offers lengthened wheelbase – 3000 mm and strengthened rear part of ladder type frame. Pickup is in no way reduced in size in comparison with Patriot! Contrariwise! UAZ Pickup is bigger, which differentiate it from competition! 

pickup 2363 AMC

Pickup bed is not integrated in bodywork. It is mounted independently to the vehicle chassis with flexible mounts. This solution improves pass ability off road – vehicle bodywork is shorter for bed mounted separately, therefore the bodywork do not force chassis to bend regarding shape of terrain. Even at the first sight you can see, that in Russia there are very serious about utility UAZ cars. Useful load of 1000 kilograms can be used only with difficulty with short double cab conception, however UAZ manufacturer integrated very deep pickup platform. If you will carry material, wood, etc., you can load UAZ pickup much more then any other competitor, and UAZ will still not be overloaded! 

If you need on the other hand superior access to your cargo from all sides, thanks to separate conception of body and pickup platform, this pickup platform can be easily taken off and replaced with for example kipper, mobile workshop or for example isotherm cooler. With UAZ, you will not be limited with millimeters and kilograms. You will be limited only with your fantasy!

Do you like UAZ, but you are afraid, that you would not use its offroad and utility capabilities properly? UAZ is thanks to low purchasing price very suitable “semi-finished product” for your dream car. Do you want attractive lift-kit, complete frame protection and differential locks? Or would you like many LCD screens, so many, that you will not be sure of how many of it is really there, even after two year warranty? No problem, MADE IN RUSSIA company will suit UAZ to your demands.



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