UAZ Hunter - last chance to buy new vehicle

UAZ Hunter is one of the last really robust off road vehicles on European market. The production of this vehicle will soon end, so please don´t wait with buying this car.

Everyone who ever thought about buying this vehicle, keep attention. End of production of this legend is closer and closer. Only few months until end. Price is actually at 12.270 EUR without VAT for petrol version. Diesel version costs 14.600 EUR without VAT.

Production of classic UAZ 469 vehicles started in 1972. In 1980s were modified to 3151 version. In 90s started production with hard top.

Since 2003 is in production UAZ Hunter. This car was in some ways modified, but still have excellent offroad qualities. 2015 year is the last year of production of UAZ Hunter, so don´t wait and order this car just now. It is possible to buy it with Hard top in 4 variants (Classic, Classic Diesel, Victory edition, Victory edition Diesel).

The time is running out and when UAZ factory ends receiving orders there will be not possible to buy new UAZ Hunter. After 43 years will end process of production of this classic military vehicle.


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