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In the product list of the ZIL company is a new attractive model ZIL-390615. It is intended primarily to the field and is ready to do different tasks - from transporting people, to the transportation of loads. 


Hunter, in the Russian language "Okhotnik", is new model of AMO ZIL. In addition to higher ground clearance it has also 4x4 and inter-axle lock. There's also a hydromechanical steering and independent torsion suspension of all wheels.

When driving in the field, you may use differential lock. With the help of hydro-mechanical steering, which helps both the front and rear wheels in the turning, the turning radius gets only to 6.2 meters. The system ensures the wheels on the rear axle to spin later, allowing only turning with the front wheels. The maximum speed of this special vehicle is 94 km / h.

Specialists of AMO ZIL made ​​a special frame that allows to lead all steering and braking systems  in such a way that only a small portion extends out of the frame. Ideal for terrain. The car is equipped with a hydraulic winch. It is located in the rear of the frame. Winch can be used up to 6 tons, a length of rope is 60 meters.  The specifics of the winch are wave reductor and hydraulic reverse.

Power unit of the "Hunter" consists of a diesel engine with maximum power of 154 HP which meets current emission standards. Transmission is five-speed with faster transfer. Minimum stable speed of the vehicle is 4-5 km / h. Disc brakes provide good braking on any terrain.

System of regulation of the tire pressure allows to better use tire pressure depending on the current surface. The car has a ground clearance of 440 mm, the depth of the ford may be up to 1.5 meters and the car passes without problems.

Ochotnik is the seven-seat  in standart version , the rear part of car is equiped by an aluminum platform. The vehicle may be  a three-seat version or cab with two seats for sleeping. There can be mounted foreign engines and transmissions.

New ZIL can be also used as fire and rescue vehicle. Other use of this car can be in forestry, repair and municipal services, or in the geological survey.


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