KAMAZ in Europe

 In the Czech republic is now new company KAMAZ Česká republika with new websites KAMAZ.cz This company offers KAMAZ trucks in all countries of European Union.


Automobile company KAMAZ produces over 1,500 variants of trucks with a total weight of 14-40 tons. Some are offered for the Czech Republic and other countries of the European Union.

Visiting the new website KAMAZ.CZ you will find all necessary information about all major variants of KAMAZ trucks, including technical data and photos.

Do you need a dump truck, flatbed, truck for further body systems or any other variation? KAMAZ trucks are offered with the new Cummins engines.

All-wheel drive variants are recommended for terrain operations where are needed durable vehicles.

 KAMAZ trucks are equipped with modern comfotable cabins with modern technologies. Please visit new websites for more informations.

KAMAZ.cz - winners technologies trucks 


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