GAZ Sadko - 4x4 with style

The whole world can not cover asphalt. For off-road is the GAZ-33088 Sadko, a real truck in the field.

For the needs of those who need to transport cargo in the field, MADE IN RUSSIA  offers GAZ-33088 Sadko. It was created as a successor to the legendary car GAZ-66, which still can be found in the service in some armies and veteran clubs. Sadko has different cabin, it can see anyone for the first look. If we look at the car body, we would see it is ideal car to the terrain. Under the hood is new diesel engine of 4.5 litres and output power of 100 kW.

Engine from Jaroslavl plant is JAAMZ-530. It is a new range of four-and six-cylinder engines produced according to the latest international quality and design solutions. Yaroslavl automotor plant belongs to GAZ Group and is engaged in manufacture of power units for both medium and heavy trucks and buses. There were made calculations, prototypes. Finishing construction works were made in Austrian well known company AVL.

Austrian and other foreign engineers praised the engines and set to work for a few years to get the best motor parameters. Parameters reached the level of world's leading manufacturers like Mercedes, Volvo, Cummins. How successful is the combustion of the fuel and how much energy is transferred to the work are the most important parameters of the motors.

Fuel consumption reaches a value of 200 g / kWh, as well as torque is 417 Nm at 1200-2100 r / min. With such a characteristics of the engine,  car is able to move in terrain even at double load of the vehicle than allowed. This will meet the requirements of the client.

Details of the diesel engine are proud of developers. The whole cylindrical group is made by factory number one, Federal Mogul. The fuel system is from Bosch, castings of the block and cylinder heads are made in Germany by Fritz Winter. Bearings, valves, power steering and other parts are from other foreign companies.

For the production of new diesel engines was built new factory complex. The amount came to 10 billion rubles, 90% automation, workers are trained abroad. Emphasis is placed mainly on the production of small precision parts, the engine must ride at least 700,000 km without repairs and at the same time meet the standards EURO-4, 5 and 6.

The chassis is actually the same as on the GAZ-66. The construction is functional, reliable and unexpectedly persistent. It is no wonder, that it has been manufactured for almost 50 years. However, modernization was needed. Due to the new engine, it was decided to modify the construction of the frame and amplify it. The five-speed gearbox got new double-conical synchronizer which makes gears go smoothly and easily.

The coupling is made ​​by Sachs, which cooperates with a GAZ group for a long time in the development of vehicles GAZ Gazelle Business. Germans made adjustments of the clutch for a new engine and all-wheel drive. Then was adjusted the engine suspension. Anwis company found all the places of cradling of the engine and removed them.

Much more difficult was the driving system. The old mechanism was changed with the half-integrated with integrated control valve of the rotary type. System reliability increased and the steering wheel can now be rotated by every girl and lady. Modern motor is controlled by an electronic accelerator, in the new dashboard is an electronic speedometer and tachometer.


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