Firefighters and GAZelle

Russian fire trucks are in service also in European countries for many years . For more than 10 years,  GAZelle cars are at firefighting stations.

In the past in some European countries served mainly large cars ZiL, or Ural. In the category of small vehicles for transportation of equipment and the fire team there wasn´t nothing in the offer.

GAZelle is first russian van used in fire brigades in european countries (except UAZ-450, 452). The 4x4 version is a great helper. For classic vans or lorries, it is difficult to drive in the terrain. If you do not need to have huge offroad trucks, just buy new Gazelle.

You can choose many types of the body. The most usefull is station wagon with separate cargo space for equipment and space for transporting passengers. In the car can be placed hoses, pump and other equipment. 

This car GAZ has in the other options besides the fire equipment (color of car, alarms, car stickers, radio), also roof rack, special air filter or ladder for roof loads.

With the help of towing equipment you can transport more load on the trailer. If you need bigger vehicle for firefighting, we recommend terrain vehicles GAZ Sadko, GAZ Vepr or KAMAZ. Let´s see additional photos of the special Gazelle.

Photo © Karel Štochl jr.


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