Novelties in Our Warehouses

Discover new stock vehicles, that are ready for an immediate delivery, or take a look at the newest off-road vehicles from the Russian Federation, which we are able to deliver to an order. Do not miss also an offer of newish and reference vehicles.


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Legends from the East and from the West

Few weeks ago went testing and comparing of two legends...One is now out of production, other one is still in production!


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Test drive video of popular pickups

What type of pickup is ideal for your company or family? You will find answer in the video. There was tested Lada Niva Pickup from our company and western vehicle Ford. 


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Niva for off-road or for city?

We offer many variants of Lada Niva, some of them are made for hard off-road, other for city traffic.


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Test of UAZ Patriot vs. Nissan Navara

Many people maybe interest cars from East. In the following test is Japan offroad car Nissan Navara and Russian real offroad UAZ Patriot. Which car is better, you will see in the video.


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UAZ Hunter - last chance to buy new vehicle

UAZ Hunter is one of the last really robust off road vehicles on European market. The production of this vehicle will soon end, so please don´t wait with buying this car.


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UAZ Hunter is still popular

 We have some photos of exterior of the UAZ Hunter Hardtop for you. Car is popular at companies and at private persons too. Many people remember this car from the army service and now they can buy new UAZ.


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KAMAZ in Europe

 In the Czech republic is now new company KAMAZ Česká republika with new websites This company offers KAMAZ trucks in all countries of European Union.


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New pictures of UAZ Hunter Hard top

We bring you a photo gallery of the UAZ Hunter Hard top. The car is in an interesting green metallic color. It is equipped with a 2.3 liter turbodiesel engine.


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UAZ 452 with aircraft engine

Sometimes you can see interesting vehicles. In some airports is UAZ 452 with gas turine engine. It is very important car in winters.


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