VAZ is a shortcut for name of the manufacturer – Volžskyj Avtomobilnyj Zavod, which was built in 1967 at the Shore of Volga River in the city of Togliatti. Projected capacity of the plant was 750 000 vehicles per year. VAZ supplied vehicles to all countries of ex-Eastern bloc, but Lada Niva became a legend.

First unit was introduced in 1976, in 1978 Niva was officially presented at the Brussels automobile fair. Lada Niva is light offroad-capable vehicle, which should complete the wagon lines of GAZ 69 and UAZ 469. In comparison with these, Niva do not have ladder chassis, which little bit handicaps it for hard work purposes. Using frameless body construction however brought more advantages then disadvantages, and made the Niva legendary. Thanks to compact dimensions and low weight, permanent 4x4 drive equipped Lada is extremely agile, thanks to reduced gears and differential lock also terrain passability is at the very good level. Relatively low fuel consumption (in comparison with competitors 4x4 vehicles) made the Lada Niva very popular car.

During the time, citizens of Eastern bloc countries, as well as population of Italy, France, Germany or Spain could meet several versions of Lada Niva. The most often is model 2121, which is still the most popular and unequalled because of low price and the best offroad capabilities, which competitors vehicles can only dream of. In 80’s, Lada Niva 2121 was mass converted to pickup in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, and then exported to Canada. Next attempt to create more useful car from Lada Niva is also from Czech Republic, and it is know under name Praktik. This version was widely used by Police of Czech Republic, but as much as pickup versions, Niva Praktik is extended only at the rear body overhang. No matter how clever this solution is, unfortunately it is not what we need for offroad car. With longer rear body overhang the terrain passability decreases.  

In 2010, AUTO MAX CZECH Company entered the Lada Niva market. The Company used its experience in homologation, gained since 1991, and 1st January 2011 entered the Czech market with 5 doors Lada Niva 2131. Vehicle immediately caught attention of forest mining companies, hunters, mountaineers, coal mining companies and all traditional users of Lada Niva. In contradiction to previous attempts to make Niva larger, AUTO MAX doesn’t have to try. Five doors 2131 is extended at the wheelbase. Yes, it is true that crossing angle suffered a little bit, but much more important overhang angle and departure angle remained the same! Longer wheelbase did not enlarge only the cargo space. Newly (contrary to 2121) there is a space for legs of the passengers at the rear seats! And not just few of it, five-door Lada Niva offers more space for legs of rear passengers, then most of medium-sized saloon vehicles.

Cargo space was extended essentially – Lada Niva is finally really useful and handy car. If you want to take a look on your own, contact our salesmen and arrange yourself a test drive!


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