UAZ 3151 Hunter AMC

Who would not know classic khaki green UAZ cars, which served in armies of most of the countries of eastern bloc, and serves reliably till now. UAZ under 469 marking gained reputation of undestroyable Russian steel, which will handle any terrain and is repairable by hammer. 

In 80’s product line 469 was modernized and renamed. Modified engines and gearboxes, more variants of bodywork including lengthened wheelbase and other minor changes were put into one vehicle line called 3151. More numbers after “3151” marking means specific version and equipment level. Production line 3151 graded to model called Hunter (31519(5)), which showed light modernization to the customers, manly usage of wider Spicer axles from Patriot model, new engines meeting advanced pollution standards, more plastic exterior parts, etc. Fans were unfortunately not satisfied. UAZ 3153 was always light inexpensive offroad cars, however Hunter chosen opposite direction – modern looking expensive retro SUV. Autumn 2010 meant breakthrough. 



UAZ finally introduced vehicle, for which many of you called. UAZ 469 is back in production, however modernized only where it is reasonable. Vehicle received new brake system from Patriot model, new engine and gearbox, new heater and wiper system and new electro installation. On the other hand, there is minimum of design changes. Round instruments in the center of dashboard are still there, together with metal bumpers, two petrol tanks or availability of SOFT TOP version we can say, that classic retro UAZ is back! 


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