HONKER is universal terrain vehicle for persons or companies, working in extreme conditions. It will be appreciated especially by military, police, firefighters, border patrolling, as well as energy network administrators or mining companies. Honker is reliable vehicle, which will support you in tough, difficult situations, or at the places which are hard to be reached by car. HONKER is also perfect car for people, who expects simplicity from their vehicle, and who likes to get further then the others.

HONKER is absolutely different from anything that currently drives the roads. Do not be fooled by shoe-box design, crossbreed with armored vehicle. HONKER is very well controllable at the roads, and in luxury or power packets “Hardcross” Honker can be great basement for ultimate SUV, which will be impossible to compete with.


A bit different Honker

Each car can be in original state, or can be radically improved, modified. This HONKER is a bit modified.


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HONKER in Production

Honker vehicles serial production was delayed in 2007 because of the EURO3 pollution standard passed and the fact that the military sector had not requested a better standard. Fortunately in 2010 serial production was restarted and the Honker received the new Andoria ADCR engine in both EURO4 and EURO5 pollution standards.


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