GAZelle HardCross

GAZelle Hardcross is a version for a real terrain. In the vehicle you can find special discs AMC Hardcross 7.0Jx16 H2 with LT235/85 R16 tyres for single convoy on the rear axle. That is a difference from a standard version of vehicle GAZelle. The vehicle has a high access front bumper VALG-1 with a winch COME-UP DV9 and towing equipment 2,5 t ELTRANS. On the rear axle there is a differential lock and the cabin is lifted by means of a body lift by 30 mm. Any superstructure from our offer, or on demand, can be mounted onto the chassis. Combination of correctly selected superstructure and vehicle GAZelle Hardcross shall create unbeatable vehicle for hard terrain.

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