GAZelle 33027 Single Cab 4x4

Definitely the most requested version of GAZelle light offroad truck. 33027 is single cab type vehicle, mounted on solid ladder type frame, which is this time equipped with 4x4 drive! And please do not expect frauds like attachable 4x4 only when some of the wheels is slipping! As much as true offroad vehicles, GAZelle dispose with separate reduction gearbox. And even two types – permanent or detachable.

If you drive your truck mostly at the roads, detachable front wheel drive system is more suitable for you. In good weather, or simply anytime, when 4x4 is not needed, you just detach the front wheel drive by lever at the floor. We repeat – lever at the floor – no buttons operated servo motors, which stops working after submerging into mud, or exposing low temperatures. Solid lever with direct shift mechanism is security, that you will shift your 4x4 drive even when getting stuck in frozen river hundreds of miles from civilization, which is what really counts! With connected front wheel drive, your new GAZelle is offroad capable 4x4 car with improved passability, with disconnected 4x4 you have silent and quick van.

If, on the other hand you are driving mostly outside of the roads, or still in one location and your yearly mileage is very low, permanent 4x4 drive is perfect for your use! With such a system, you have the option of permanent 4x4 drive with HI gear ratio, determined for road use. If you need to go out of the road, there is LO 4x4 available for tough offroad conditions. Central differential lock is standard equipments. Permanent 4x4 drive is also more suitable if you are not sure how to operate four wheel drive, because you are using it still. 

GAZelle vehicles are, thanks to massive construction, very popular as utility trucks. However with proper equipment, it can also be perfect escort vehicle or special scientific measuring tools carrier. With proper sleeping platform, GAZelle can became offroad mobile home! If you have some good idea for non-standard GAZelle use, tell us!



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