GAZelle 330273 Double Cab 4x4

GAZelle 330273 is 4x4 version of very favorite Double Cab model. Specifically 4x4 drive is the main attraction of this car. It is not just trick, like other haldex-type 4x4 systems, but full-value 4x4 drive with reduction secondary gearbox. Yes, GAZelle 330273 is true offroad car. Available are two 4x4 systems. There is available permanent 4x4 drive with choice of reduced gears and center differential lock, or optionally detachable four wheel drive, when you are free to chose from 4x4 or 4x2 on demand.

Double cab versions are most often chosen by construction companies, maintenance and repair service sectors, or distribution of goods and material in mountain areas. Those all are the customers, who will appreciate improved terrain passability, and most of all – the tough Russian dimensionality. 


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