GAZ Tigr

GAZ Tigr is an answer to American legend, which unfortunately became ordinary road vehicle, and which is no longer in production. Such a fate will never happen to Tigr, even in Russia it is very rare vehicle.

Tigr was modernized before 2 years; new vehicle is at the market under Tigr-M marting. Vehicle is now equipper with new JaMZ engine. These power plants are assembled into both military and civilian versions, however for civilian market; there is Iveco EURO5 engine available. Modern Iveco turbocharged engine will make significantly less hungry beast, which is able to sprint not only in rough terrain. You can even choose from manual or automatic transmission. Except this, Tigr-M dispose of modernized brake system, preheating of an engine, new ventilation system and improved differential locks. There are also new seats layout in interior, optionally there is available also additional pneumatic brake.

Although the habitat of the Tiger is, and always will be military and armed services, LIMITED equipment level was introduced. Limited level will bring the military vehicle also to common driver, but vehicles in this equipment level are made only on request, and are individualized to taste and needs of every single client. Tigr can get interior upholstered into superior light leather, air conditioning, powerful stereo or any other equipment, that customer demands.

Hereby we warn all the enthusiasts interested in, that Tigr is not car for everybody. With this fact, except unbeatable offroad skills corresponds also the price of the vehicle.




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