GAZ Bobr

Special vehicle, which already found the way to Czech roads, tracks and even water line is GAZ 3409 Bobr (Beaver). Bobr was developed as a vehicle for people and cargo transportation in powdery terrains. Typical customer are geologists, geodesists, mining and surveying companies, companies taking care of energy paths, or rescue staff.

Bobr is able of driving on the road, for which it is equipped with steel tracks with rubber contact surface. Vehicle is able of turning around at these tracks, top speed is 65 km/h. Bobr is made for swimming as well; top speed at the water is 6 km/h. 

Interior offers 8 seats, payload is 600 kg and you can tow the trailer with maximum weight of 1600 kg. Vehicle can be equipped with the winch of total strength of 9 kN. Bobr is powered by turbodiesel Steyr engine with 81 kW/250 Nm. Optionally vehicle can be equipped with engine, running at compressed gas, LNG or CNG. This option saves running costs of this tracked vehicle significantly.

Bobr is true universal, which is not stopped by heavy work or service. If you feel as well, that any vehicle can not offer enough traction for your usage, ask us for Bobr 3409.


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