GAZ 33081 Vepr

Special vehicle GAZ 33081 Vepr is based on 3308 Sadko product line. Please classify this unique vehicle yourself, its category do not exist. Vepr could be classified as utility truck with passenger cabin mounted. Or better just SUV for true men! But don’t worry, there is also 3309 Double cabin pickup available!

Vehicle belongs to category truck up to 4.5 ton. Its huge bodywork will carry 9 to 11 crew members. Optionally there is also version with just 5 seats and cargo space for cargo up to 1.5 ton. This is what we call “car for everything.”
ŽFact, that Vepr is no toy for children proves also vehicle equipment. Vehicle can be supplied with mechanical winch, driven by drive shaft from transmission, or independent heater and ventilation system for static service. There are also escape openings for case of being under attack, or vehicle turnover.  

It is up to you, if you prefer unbreakable Russian diesel engine, or state of the art powerful Iveco EURO5 engine with torque of 400, 570 or even 950 Nm! Vepr was built to go to the other side of the world, works reliably in extremely low, or on the other hand high temperatures, in extreme altitude, and especially in any terrain.

No matter how much Vepr is unbeatable and most interesting vehicle from GAZ 3308 production line, please give your attention also to Sadko and Jeger models. First one is 3 seats single cabin truck, second one, Jeger is 7 seats double cabin. If you need truly tough basement for your mobile workshop, or for any platform mounting, it will be hard to find stronger and more resistant candidate.


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