GAZ Vehicles

There is probably no inhabitant of the ex-Eastern bloc countries, who wouldn’t know of the GAZ Company from Niznij Novgorod, which has manufactured automobiles for more than 70 years, from exactly 1932. In this year a new truck manufacturing facility was built in cooperation with Henry Ford.

The most famous GAZ cars in the Czech Republic are definitely passenger vehicles Pobeda or Volha, Czajka limousines, and terrain vehicles GAZ 69, which became the keystone for construction of UAZ off-road vehicles. The same platform was used for GAZ 53 and 66 trucks, or for example ARO off-road vehicles, made in Romania.  

Today, GAZ vehicles are offered in the Czech Republic by AMC company. Vehicles originate from the modern automotive manufacturing plant in Lithuania. In the Czech Republic improvements such as superior anticorrosive paint or noise and vibration reduction are applied. Our company is also the source of the most significant modification – inter-changeble 4x4 drive. With AMC modifications, GAZelle vehicles are more than competitive, and their owners are awarded with a true utility off-road vehicle, which does not have any competitor in its category.


Firefighters and GAZelle

Russian fire trucks are in service also in European countries for many years . For more than 10 years,  GAZelle cars are at firefighting stations.


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Protective equipment for Gazelle and Sobol

 On the road, but mainly in the field, it is necessary to have above standard equipment. 


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