Floating UAZ vehicles

In 1996, Trekol, Russian company started production of special floating vehicles. Their common sign was usage of monster tires, which are produced by the Trekol Company itself, and which allows swimming of the vehicle equipped with such a tires. At first, mainly UAZ 3151 offroad vehicle were converted to floating cars. Later, Trekol Company developed its own universal floating vehile, Trekol UAZ vehicle still remained in the offer like inexpensive version of this special car. 

Under UAZ 39041 Trekol you can find offer of UAZ 3151 Hunter, heavily modified for floating tires usage. Vehicle is equipped with 4 speed gearbox, connected with 2 speed reduction gearbox. As an engine you can optionally use ZMZ 2.7i 16V engine, or Iveco F1A turbodiesel. Fuel consumption of Trekol is surprisingly very positive – in average about 14 liters per 100 km. This fact makes Trekol advantageous in comparison with tracked vehicles.

The biggest advantage of Trekol vehicles, except swimming ability, is very low pressure made on the surface. Therefore vehicle is able to operate in snow of any depth, in mud, swamp, sand or just on the road. Yes, Trekol is road legal!  

If you are interested in possibility of equipping your vehicle with floating tires, please take in advantage, that any UAZ vehicle can be converted to floating car. No matter if you need to convert UAZ 3151, 452 buchanka, or the newest Patriot. In Russia Gazelle vehicles are being converted very often, MADE IN RUSSIA Company is able to arrange the purchasing and homologation for road use.


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