Floating GAZelle vehicles

Trekol, company producing special floating vehicles is especially producer of special floating tires, by which any vehicle can be equipped for swimming. However only UAZ and GAZelle vehicles are road legal. 

The biggest advantage of Trekol vehicles, except swimming ability (up to 10 km/h), is very low pressure made on the surface. Therefore vehicle is able to operate in snow of any depth, in mud, swamp, sand or road. At rough terrain you will appreciate extreme riding height, which is allowed thanks to hub reduction axles usage.

First floating vehicles were in 1996 UAZ 3153 vehicles, converted to floating cars. Russians immediately learned how to use this new kind of all-terrain vehicle. Even model Trekol toys are being sold in Russia, which proves the popularity. Popularity of floating vehicles is proven especially by the fact, that during first 10 years, over six thousand Trekol floating vehicles was made and sold.  

If you are interested in possibility of equipping your vehicle with floating tires, please take in advance, that any GAZ or UAZ vehicle can be converted to road legal floating car. If your target is the all-terrain vehicle, able to cross any terrain, unstoppable even by water, Trekol at the UAZ platform is enough. If you need also to load some cargo in your new floating car, GAZelle is more suitable for this kind of application. Floating platform car, such a vehicle will find the job for itself easily.


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