Equipment and options

In most applications, GAZelle is used as a utility vehicle. Because every jobs nature is different, also vehicle must be adapted. For more then 10 years that we deal with GAZelle we developed many equipment and accessories, which significantly improves vehicle parameters. Below please check the most favorite of these. If you demand accessories, which is not listed, contact our sales managers who will inform you about availability and price.

Business interior:

The most outstanding component of Business optional packet is the new interior. Not just new superior materials, but also lot of stowage space and compartments for small objects is available to make Gazelle occupants pleased. Height-adjustable steering column, power windows, heated power mirrors, digital air conditioner, these are just some of the optional equipments of the Business interior. Improvement is really significant, and it makes from otherwise spartan simple utility offroad vehicle buddy for your journeys.

Strenghtened steel bumper:

As well as true 4x4 offroad vehicles, also GAZelle got steel bumper. This protection equipment is priceless always when you overestimate front overhang angle, if you need a solid point to set vehicle free from mud, for towing the weights or stoppable point. Inc contradiction to competitor’s product, VALG is equipped with steel reinforcements of the sides, which forces bumper cracking because of vibrations. The COME UP 4.0 kN winch is allowed to be assembled into VALG, including homologation and record in vehicle licence. This option is available for both brand new and also used GAZelle vehicles.

Detachable front wheel drive:

GAZ GAZelle is designed specifically for offroad driving purposes. Therefore it offers permanent 4x4 drive, rigid axles and ladder frame chassis. This type of construction is not very advantageous when driving on road, especially because of fuel consumption. By this reason, AUTO MAX CZECH Company developed the solution of detachable front wheel drive, based on secondary gearbox Praga. After AMC II modification, your GAZelle will become vehicle of classic construction, when you are free to connect or disconnect front wheel drive on demand, just when you need it. Shifting is proceeded trough heavy metal lever, not by unreliable servomotors. AMC II not just saves fuel, but also reduces parasite noises of front wheel drive, its wear and also positively influences the driving dynamics. AMC II is available for both brand new and used GAZelle vehicles.

Raised roof for VAN models:

GAZelle vehicles are very often converted to mobile workshop vehicles. For example at this utilization it is necessary for worker being able to stand up straight, and operate all the tools and instruments safely. Next time, GAZelle is needed to serve as a mobile working platform. Raised roof can easily work also as a stoppable platform for up to 4 people. If you found yourself in these needs, or if you just need to carry lot of goods in mountain terrain, raised roof for GAZelle is the right solution for you. Raised roof is available for both 3 and 7 seats versions.

Wind Master air deflector:

If you would like to use GAZelle for long-distance goods transport, it is economic to equip your car with aerodynamic air deflector. This equipment saves fuel by reducing air resistance, which also eliminates aerodynamic noises of wind. Solution based on Pony Fantasy platform can be only air deflector, or optionally also sleeping box. GAZelle is ready for everything!

Trailer towing hook 2500 kg:

Proper utility vehicle must be ready for weight towing. And because GAZelle is proper utility vehicle, it can be equipped with towing bracket with 2500 kg loading capacity for braked trailer, for unbraked trailer loading capacity is 750 kg. Westfalia towing hook is supplied for all GAZelle vehicles, but ic can be assembled also at your used GAZelle vehicle.

AUTO CONT container carrier:

Especially these days you can watch the new trend of light container carrier platforms, equipped at the light utility vehicles up to 3.5 tons. GAZelle also took part at this trend and you can now equip your new utility vehicle with AUTO CONT light container carrier as well. The biggest advantage of AUTO CONT platform is in its construction. Very clever technical solution allowed reaching extremely low weight of the platform, just 390 kg! The rest of payload of your vehicle can be used for carrying the cargo, not the platform itself! For AUTO CONT platform, there are available both high and low containers, with protective fence or without. Very popular choice is conversion of petrol / compressed liquid gas powered GAZelle 4x4 vehicle to container carrier. Such a vehicle can offer extremely high use value with the lowest possible fuel costs.

Allumium tipper plattforms:

For UNCOMPETED price we are able to supply aluminum 3-side tipping platforms for your GAZelle vehicles, including registration to vehicle license. Tipper platforms are available for all GAZelle and Valdaj models, both 4x2 and 4x4, all wheelbases. Very low weight saves vehicles payload. For conditions of registration into vehicle licence of your used vehicle please contact our salesmen. WARNING – MADE IN RUSSIA COMPANY CAN ASSEMBLE THESE LOW PRICED TIPPER PLATFORMS TO VEHICLES OF ANY BRAND.

Single tire conversion, blackout kit:

Most of the GAZelle vehicles are being purchased by companies, who need reliable and tough utility vehicles. However sometimes GAZelle is chosen by expedition enthusiasts, lovers of vacations in exotic countries, or organizers of race events, who needs reliable safety car. For this utilization, GAZelle is sometimes not enough, mainly because its tough and simple nature. However this is not the rule! GAZelle can be on demand converted to single tire solution, its design can be individualized. There is lot of choices, from tinted headlights, different bumper or grill, of for example by lift-kit. If you need improve your GAZelle, MADE IN RUSSIA Company is ready for your job.

9 seats special version:

If you are firefighter, or perhaps if you work in wood mining industry, you know the situation, when you need taking more then 7 persons to hardly accessible place by car, and there is simply not enough space for two vehicles in the forest. It is very disadvantageous if you must take second car, which is not offroad capable, and use your GAZelle running there and back for more people. In firefighting industry, the problem is even bigger. If you need to get 9 people to the fire (you can not carry more then 9 persons with ordinary driving licence for vehicles up to 3.5 ton), you really can not afford to take first 7 there, and then go back for the rest. You simply need more seats for your gazelle. We offer legal conversion to 9 seats version, which will solve all your troubles. 


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