UAZ 2360 Cargo AMC

In our country Single Cab pickup cars are quite rarely used. In whole central Europe, customer never got used to use these cars, but in rest of the world, Single cab pickups are widely used. Single cab cars are advantageous in following aspects:

 - very low weight means incomparable better passability trough powdery terrains like snow or sand

 - cargo space is located abobe rear axle. After loading by cargo (and therefore burden read axle), passability will stay the same, or mostly rises!

- low weight saves fuel and adds agility

- short cabin allows to fit longer utility platform, however not so long as in case of cab-over / forward-control truck

- single cab vehicle weight balance is better then in cab-over design, which allows better offroad capabilities

- car do not carry interior and rest of the bodywork, it can be usually loaded more

Even these indisputable advantages, in central Europe customer is used to use vans or light trailers. In 90’s there was tendency, which favoured small pickups. In Czech republic this trend was represented by Felicia and Favorit pickups, in Poland there were FSO cars and in Romania there was Dacia.

If you are single cab truck enthusiast, or you just need to take lot of cargo to hardly accessible places, UAZ Cargo is the right solution for you!

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