Amphibious and tracked vehicles

Amphibious vehicles are and always were very special category. In our region, this category is represented almost in 100 percent by army vehicles. However this is a big lost for everybody, vehicles able passing trough deep water can be absolutely irreplaceable, perhaps only with hovercraft! And not just during rescue operations, scientific research, metering or other special activities.

If you work, or just travel often in environment full of ponds or other water reservoirs, you sure know the need of taking care of mole, shore, or the cottage behind the lake. The only thing what you can usually do is to load the cargo and material to the boat. Boat usually do not have electric source, it can be loaded only very little and mostly it can not tow any trailer or weight. 
It would be great if you had a machine, which is able to move on ground as a normal car, and also can reach the water and move in it with agility. Except tracked vehicles, which are mostly capable of driving both water and land, we can arrange the floating vehicle purchasing.

Floating vehicles are domain of the Russia. Availability of floating tires allowed eastern manufacturers to convert usual vehicles to floating specials. Floating is very advantageous kind of movement. You are not limited by draught, or the muddy bottom of the impoundment. Is there a mess on the water surface? Just drive over it. You can not use hovercraft because of the waves? No problem for floating car. Is the movement on the water restricted and you just need to get behind the water? No problem, just ride right wheels in the water and left wheels at the ground! Or simply use road – floating vehicles are legal for use at the road. Floating vehicles are highly universal vehicles, which in certain aspects exceeds even the hovercrafts in their natural environment!  



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