Accessories and equipment

UAZ cars are genuine off-road vehicles which you will not find in the production line of any other manufacturer. Despite this fact, UAZ offers a wide range of optional accessories, which individualizes the car to the taste and character of the owner. While a total of five equipment levels are available, the possibilities do not end here. 
 We are experienced in the special requests of their clients, who need to modify their new car needs to their specific job, hobby, or just fantasy. Examples of such equipment are as follows:





Strengthened steel bumper:


If you use your new UAZ vehicle especially for off-road purposes, this bumper will secure you reliable protection against damage to the front of your vehicle. You do not have to worry when tackling steep gradients where the front overhang angle would not be enough. You can step on this steel bumper and it also is the most solid point from which you can rescue your vehicle should you sink in mud. A homologated COME UP 4 kN wrench is assembled into this bumper. 






Medved block:


A brand-name mechanical protection against car theft is now available also for UAZ vehicles. If this system of safety protection is requested by internal directives in your company, or if bank funding demands it, or if you just feel safer when your car is protected higher than averagely, the Medved block is the right choice for you. 


Neumann roof luggage carrier:

These “Stringers” are made by the Czech company Neumann, and were developed specially for UAZ vehicles. The Custom made longitudinal luggage carrier will spread the weight over the whole roof of the vehicle with emphasis on anchorage points. On these lengthwise assembled carriers you can attach classic transverse holders or bike-holders. You can also a ladder holder or special working equipment

9 seats (Patriot only):

UAZ vehicles are the last brand new car sold in EU which offers 9 seats for 4x4 vehicles. If you are carrying workmen to a place of business through rough terrain, and perhaps because space limitation you can not carry the passengers in two cars, the 9 seat UAZ is exactly what you are looking for. Up to four persons can ride on two longitudinal benches. This seat disposition is especially perfect for mining and forest companies, and also for firefighters or security companies



Fiberglass OM canopies bodywork:



The SOM Canopies Company, a Czech manufacturer of fiberglass bodies developed two models also for the UAZ 2363 Pickup AMC. MAXIM I and MAXIM II models are determined for cargo space covering by different reasons. The most often chosen is to cover the goods or material against thefts, or for improvement in the aerodynamic parameters of the car for long travels, or just to make pickup car better looking. OM Canopies tops can be painted to the color of the vehicle, and are covered by tapestry from inside, can be equipped with windows, lights, power sockets, and sunroof or for example, racks for tools and equipment. For pictures of OM Canopies platforms, please visit our picture gallery.



Winch integrated into front bumper:


If from time to time your vehicle is also needed for working purposes, even if mostly you are driving around in normal road traffic, you will be interested in the following solution of the integrated winch. The COME UP 4.0 kN electric winch can be protected against mud, water, dirt from the road, and also from thieves. It can be activated anytime by plugging the remote control into the socket and lifting up the registration plate, mounted on hinges. This very elegant solution will protect your winch from thieves, mud, water, and other dirt, and its maintenance will not be such a frequent and time-consuming operation. 



Liquid Compressed Gas (LPG, LNG, CNG) conversion:


Since 2009 UAZ vehicles are also offered with a gasoline powered engine ZMZ (Zavolzskyj Motornyj Zavod). Fuel consumption of this engine is more than acceptable (13.3 combined, 19.0 city, 10.0 highway), however, conversion to Liquid Compressed Gas is a very popular choice for models UAZ Van (2206, 3962) and UAZ Hunter. After assembling of sequential injected compressed gas system Elpigaz fuel consumption do not rise at all. Sequential Liquid Gas conversion do not negatively influent dynamic of the ride. 



No matter how well are UAZ vehicles are equipped from factory, there is no end to the equipment possibilities of UAZ. At your wish we can modify your new UAZ to your imaginings. No matter if you want mud sprouting best, or lowered SUV with interior upholstered in light leather! Just check the pictures in our picture gallery, how far customers before you modified their UAZ.




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