MADE IN RUSSIA - Russian vehicles with European homologation meeting the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards

“Our mission is to make interesting products of the Russian automotive industry available to all candidates from the countries of the European Union or the European Economic area”






We are offering the brand new UAZ Bajkal. Buy modular campervan based on UAZ Bukhanka. More info you can get at our Czech website here:



In the category of off-road vehicles there are several novelties, especially the new UAZ Patriot which has undergone complete modernization. Similarly, the UAZ Pickup has been upgraded. Before ending production of the model UAZ Hunter a new limited series Victory edition was introduced .



The vehicles patterned on the model Lada Niva 4x4 gradually come in another versions. Our offer has been broadened by a model Lada Niva Pickup 2329 and VIS brand models which market vehicles Lada Niva Pickup Singlecab and Doublecab.

Minor changes have been made in a popular model Lada Niva 5 doors. The latest novelty of Lada brand is a model Niva Urban, which is characterized by new look of exterior as well as interior and due to a new equipment it provides more comfort and safety for travellers. 



Among utility vehicles there is a new model GAZelle Next, which is completely different from previous generations of utility cars of GAZ brand. Newly we included selected models of KAMAZ brand in our offer for all who need a quality and affordable truck. We offer those models in various versions with optional supersturcture on demand.



“We are professionals with over twenty years of experience in the field. We sold more than 5.000 cars of Eastern provenance in Europe. We care of all vehicles in operation with inherent passion, in order to meet all the customer expectations and wishes. We have our own development, testing, design and manufacture. All offered vehicles incl. accessories are approved for operation in the EU and EEA countries.”


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