Made in Russia

Russia, a country loved and hated. A Country of  “unlimited options” without question influenced the whole world in almost all industrial sectors. No matter what your relationship to Russia is, you can not deny that the Soviet Union / Russian machinery is and always was unique in many ways, and has no competition all over the world. The MADE IN RUSSIA Company was founded as a subsidiary of the AUTO MAX Company located in Hradec Kralove to utilize on longtime experience in import and homologation from the east, especially the import and homologation of cars. If you also realize the fact, that there are not many “straight” cars on the roads, if you are not interested in LCD screens integrated into dashboards and electronic stability absurdities, or if you are just tired of current automobile production, MADE IN RUSSIA is here for you!


UAZ Hunter is still popular

 We have some photos of exterior of the UAZ Hunter Hardtop for you. Car is popular at companies and at private persons too. Many people remember this car from the army service and now they can buy new UAZ.


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KAMAZ in Europe

 In the Czech republic is now new company KAMAZ Česká republika with new websites This company offers KAMAZ trucks in all countries of European Union.


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